Know. Love. Serve

Know Christ, love others, and serve the world. 

MPCC is a community of Christ-followers engaging the world around us through service

and learning to love one another with real Jesus-type love through fellowship & discipleship.

Learning about Jesus

Sunday Morning Groups

Adult Sunday Morning Groups meet during both worship hours

9:00 am - 10:15 am     |     10:30 am - 11:30 am

Wednesday Night Group

Meal at 6:00 pm

Adult Wednesday Night Groups meet from 6:45 to 8:00 pm

We offer many different types of studies throughout the year for women, men, and couples.

Each group has a different feel and curriculum.  This is a great place to meet people!


Small Groups

Each group has 4 to 5 families that meet in each others homes once a week.   

The purpose is to know and love other families at MPCC and share life together.

Discipleship Groups

Each group consists of 3 to 4 men only or women only.  

The purpose is to dig deep into the Bible to know Jesus Christ

and hold each other accountable to live like Christ.


Connecting Around Jesus

At MPCC, one of our aims is to grow closer in relationship with each other - its kind of the whole point of church. To do that, we get together around a variety of things. One of those is bible study and fellowship, one of those is serving, and another is spending time together, life-on-life. These goals bleed into one another, and that was the model the early church followed in learning how to love one another. Jesus said other folks would know we were His followers by our love for each other. So, if you come to worship with us, you might be quickly asked to be a part of something. It might be a study. It might be a home group. It might be a meal after church, or through the week, or coffee, or knocking out a wall at a local mission. Could be anything.

Serving For Jesus

At MPCC, one of our core beliefs is that God has called us to serve the world, to take Jesus to the far reaches and the near reaches. To that end, we have folks involved in many different areas of Jesus-type serving. Again, this is an organic list of places to plug in, we are always open to more! What could you add? We would love to use your creativity! We have a ton of contact folks on file at church, for more info, email Julia or call 812-275-5000. See our missions page for additional missions and ministries!

LIFE - Lawrence InterFaith Endeavor provides emergency food, housing, and utility assitance to the hurting families of Lawrence County. If you can stock a shelf, pack a sack of food, or lend a listening ear to a hurting person, LIFE could use you! LIFE is located in Bedford and Mitchell. 

Bertha's Mission - Bertha's Mission is a place where anyone can come and get a good meal. If you can donate, great. If not, that's ok, too. Bertha's Mission now has two locations, Bedford and Mitchell. For more information on how to get plugged in to this ministry, Toby Adams is our point of contact here at the church (reach him through the church office), or you can contact the director directly, Janice Nickeo 317-480-0085.

Becky's Place - Becky’s Place is designed to “provide shelter and create hope” for women and children who are experiencing homelessness and moving toward a life of self-sufficiency. If you want to help Becky's Place, you can get involved with financial support, material donations, serving on the advisory board, volunteering for projects or as a staff member, and through prayer. Toby Adams is also our point of contact for them here at the church, or you can contact them direct at (812) 275-5773.

Haiti Mission - Our team is always looking for people with an "all nations" mindset with respect to The Great Commission. Our team has done medical missions, service missions, and has also done engineering and contruction missions, the most recent being a full water line project to a village in Haiti! April Haskett (medical), Toby Adams (youth), and Tom Bishop (infrastructure improvement projects) are the points of contact in this ministry and would love to have you come along on the next trip, or be a part of the "ground" crew here that helps make it all happen!