The Rock Mission

The whole reason we meet each week is to Love God, and to Love Others.  The Rock exists to bring students in to an encounter with Christ. Our goal is to see Jesus have an impact in the life of every student. In Loving God and Loving Others we can achieve our goal!

The Rock (Big room)

The Rock big room is our Wednesday night group meeting! The Rock starts at 6pm with food and ends at 8pm with everyone wishing it was Wednesday again. We like to think of The Rock as being a ministry where kids can come and move. The idea of moving is that we are going somewhere that we are not staying stagnant. At the Rock Big Room we have high energy games, icebreakers, and worship with relevant and personal messages for teens to grasp and understand God. This is where students can come and find out what we’re all about… no strings attached.

Since the idea is to move we encourage all the teens to jump in and move into a different area of the Rock. We have The Rock Sunday's. This is where Teens come to church to learn more about Christ, but also to serve and be part of the church. It's so cool when you can see teens serving in the church and being part of the church. 


Below are a list of things that are vital for you or your teen in knowing what's up with the student ministries. We have our permission slips, calendars, with other various info. Just click on the photo to get the info. 

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